Amy Jackson is a great songwriter. I know that anytime

I am working on music with her, its real, genuine and coming from the heart.


Amy Is a phenomenal talent. She delivers quality, texture and tone that works with any music genre. A hardworker and an asset to any music project I highly recommend her. She is absolute greatness at her craft!!

David Moze Baptiste-Music Professional

Amy Matthew is one of the most fundamentally sound writers I have had the pleasure of working with. Some lyricists write just to write which can be productive.However, when one has the ability to write from the heart and pull from personal experience within, that makes a song more rich and meaningful!  Amy has that gift.

Rich Eagle. R&B/Pop Artist

Amy is top notch lyricist and writer. SInce I have known her she has shown exceptional ability in writing lyrics that are both intriguing and comprehensive to the listener. She is also diverse with writing to  many types of music. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an exceptional cowriter that is easy to get along with.

Geoff Antonio-Hiphop/R&BArtist

Amy is such a wonderful lyricist. Her lyrics capture the true sentiment and expression of the story. With lyrics that are both heartfelt and inspiring they speak directly to the soul. It is always a pleasure working with her on my projects. Joe Stephenson-Composer/Producer

 I first met Amy in Downtown Orlando. She is one of the best songwriters that I have ever met. Amy writes more then Love songs-she wants to express herself in her writing. You cannot write a perfect song in one day. To write a perfect song you need to work hard and focus on putting your ideas on one path. This is what Amy does well. I know the futre is going to be very bright for her. When you hear hit songs on the radio, I promise you that Amy will have a part in writing those songs!

Saagar Ace- Pop Recording Artist

Amy is a wonderful songwriter with mad writing skills! She is caring and always there for you. I know you will enjoy working with her.I highly recomend her if you are looking  for a lyricist. Pamela Stone-Pop Artist

Amy is a passionate and dedicated person, who is relentless in persuit of a hit record. Amy's pen is incredible and reminds me of a young Diane Warren

Willie Bum Bum Baker-Grammy Music Producer

Amy is a strong songwriter! She sends me some stuff now and then it is always top of the line and great writing!

Matthew Cusson-R & B Artist/Sonwriter

 I met Amy on a ASCAP social media page and we kicked it off immediately. I recently had the honor of collaborating with her on a few projects, and her talent as a lyricst just blew me away.. Marcus Mason Producer

Amy is a experienced writer that I have collaborated with on a project for Konvict Music. She is very approachable and talented. I am sure I will work with her again. Nicollete Varenelli- Pop/Rb artist

 I consider Amy Matthew to be a TRUE American Lyricist. Amy conveys both pin point and broadminded themes through the written word in a simple yet convincing way. a large part of the evidence of her talents is found in the fact that her lyrics are in demand by artists in electic range of music styles. Her strong writing depth has already been used in  Pop, Dance, Pop-Rock, House, Gospel, R & B, Country , Acoustic and Jazz. I have no doubt her talent will continue to be discovered as time passes because her lyrics are timeless and will continue to help her gain cross over status.

Rick Hammond- Producer/Composer

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