This style of music requires a mindset that is specific to needing to listen to some good R&B lyrics. Lyrically I love the song and also love the beat for the song.


This song is great for the right listner,its the classic romantic R&B and Pop fusion song that brings tears to young girls going through a breakup everywhere. Actually Boys 2 Men would be a perfect comparison. The vocals are definitly nice and relaxing, they also flow well in the song. 

Iif there was a school dance this would be good. The melody is nice and the lyrics are nice and comforting for a couple.

The vocals are absolutely astonishing and the lyric bring tears to my eyes. This is music that can make it one day. Great song and I really enjoyed and loved it

The melody is soft and really simple but still entrancing. Then the lyrics come in and they blew me away. 

The lyrics were touching and I almost cried because she sparked something in my emotions.

Lyrics about how she wishes for him to be in her arms are written from inner soul. Mixing quality was done quite professional. I am certain this song would do great on easy listening radio.

I like the melody, it is strong and the lyrics are very inspiring and heart warming. 

the lyrics were lush and crisp all in all very clear. this would be a song i would buy and listen to often. id rate this song a 10 out of 10 hit!

I love how the lyrics are clear and clever.

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